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IPU congress

Memories of a great summer congress are still cross our minds. From 2nd to 5th of June, 75 people gathered at the Petershof in Erbuch close to Erbach in hilly Hessia with the slogan “Understanding social change: Environmental Psychology for a World Citizen Movement”. Together, we discussed the current situation of our world, possible futures of a global environmental movement and discovered new paths. 5. Juli 2017

If you want to join the next congress, stay informed at

IPU Website
If you’re engaged in a sustainability initiative at the university, our partner project “Wandercoaching” might interest you.
7. Juli 2017

Let trained Wandercoaches support you for a whole weekend on your path to a shared vision, a common goal and an implementation of exciting projects!

netzwerk n
"There's no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there's no excuse for boredom, ever.” Viggo Mortensen
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An exciting IPU visioning tour at the beautiful traditional ship Lovis lies behind us. We diligently set sail into a new IPU future.
4. Mai 2017

Would you also like to have a seminar at the Lovis? Here you can find more information:

Lovis Website
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The Netzwerk Wachstumswende currently meets at a beautiful convention mill in Bromskirchen.
17. September 2017

If you’re interested in the topic of post-growth, please visit their website.

Netzwerk Wachstumswende
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Since we’re a Germany-wide network, we’ve given over 20 workshops in different places 25. August 2017
25. August 2017

We can come visit you, too!

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At our successful project meeting in Brandenburg, we gave our group the name Wandelwerk.
4. Juni 2017

A wonderful page for networking and organizing: the platform n!
8. Juni 2017

Doodles, pads, folders, chat, news-feed, and much more… we highly recommend this tool to every active group.

netzwerk n