There are numerous environmental problems

From climate change to biodiversity loss: We need to act now!

Humans are causing these problems

Every one of us has the possibility to be part of the solution.

Psychology knows the human mind

Psychology examines why and how people can become part of the solution.

Environmental Psychology

How can we make it easier for people to act climate-friendly?

Environmental psychology has found interesting answers for this question. Answers that we as psychologists want to bring to environmental practitioners. Answers supporting your action for a sustainability transition. Together with you, we wish to build a bridge between science and active climate protection.

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Our Workshops

The Wandelwerk

We are a group of people that feel at home in two worlds: in the climate justice movement and in psychology.

In our work, we combine psychological knowledge with active protection of the environment. No matter if you plan a social media campaign or a guerilla gardening party: it’s all about the human being.

Our team consists of psychologists that study or work all across Europe. We became a group through our shared goal: To bring knowledge to you and learn from you.

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Handbook of Environmental Psychology

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