"Klimabewegt" - The Psychology of Climate Protest and Engagement

Karen Hamann, Paula Blumenschein, Eva Junge, Sophia Dasch, Alex Wernke & Julian Bleh

The climate crisis cannot be solved by individuals changing their private behaviour. We need systemic change - a change of the collective. Such a change starts with committed people: people who publish petitions, organise a volunteer group or engage in civil disobedience. But how do these people maintain the courage to work for socio-ecological change? How do they inspire others? And how does a resilient collective movement emerge from this?

Based on scientific findings from psychological research, this practical guide explains how people can be motivated for climate protests and engagement, and how climate groups can act in a resilient, healthy and effective way.

Currently, only a German version of the book is available but an English version is on the way!

Psychology of Environmental Protection - Handbook for Encouraging Sustainable Actions

Karen Hamann, Anna Baumann & Daniel Löschinger

Whether we eat a vegetarian meal, ride our bikes, or install a solar panel: Constantly, we are making decisions in the interest of our environment – or not. What guides and motivates our actions is explored by environmental psychology. Based on a psychological model, this handbook about the psychology of environmental protection explains how to understand and promote sustainable actions more successfully.

It is the first book in German to summarize environmental psychology’s treasure of knowledge in a scientifically profound and practical way. Each chapter is dedicated to an important topic like self-efficacy, social norms, and emotions. Guiding questions and examples that are close to everyday life facilitate a direct implementation in environmental protection. The handbook is directed at all people that want to design their environmental projects and communication more effectively – pedagogues, urban gardeners, environmental activists, or employees of environmental organizations.

Free online training for actors in education for sustainable development (German)

Sophia Dasch, Mia Lehn & Susanne Mauersberger

Whether the topic is climate change or democratic empowerment: Specialists in extracurricular education also need to address social change in their work. The new, free online training course "BNEhoch3" shows them how to do this. Members of Wandelwerk have also taken part with a module on the topic "From knowledge to action with environmental psychology ", which is now available free of charge (only in German).

Simply register and give it a try. Have fun!


Graphic: © WILA Bonn / Christiane Büchner